2018 National Junior Chess Congress (A National Championship!)
March 9-11, 2018
Location: BASIS Independent Silicon Valley School
1290 Parkmoor Ave., San Jose, CA. 95126

Team Room are available! $250/room for up to 25 people from Friday 6pm - Sunday 5pm.

Sections:6 & Under8 & Under10 & Under12 & Under14 & Under16 & Under18 & 20 Under
Round Times:Saturday: 10-1:30-5
Sunday: 9-1
Time Control:G/90, d5
Trophies:Top 10; Top 5 Clubs/TeamsTop 6 for both Under 18 & Under 20,
Top 3 Clubs/Teams In Both U18 & U20
Entry Fee:$60 by 2/10/18, $70 from 2/11/18-3/4/18, $80 on 3/5/18 or after
  1. Online
  2. By Flyer
  3. On-site (BASIS Independent Silicon Valley School); Hours are: Friday, 3/9/18 from 6pm-9pm, Saturday (BASIS Independent Silicon Valley School) from 8:30am-9:15am. Any registrations Saturday morning after 9:15am will be accepted but with a half point bye in round 1.
Note 4 - Age Determination: As of September 1, 2017.

Note 5: In case of ties, each player will be named Co-Champion. Trophies will be awarded accoriding to tiebreaks. Tiebreaks will be as follows: 1. Modified Median 2. Median 3. Solkoff 4. Sonneborn-Berger 5. Cumulative 6. Coin flip

Note 6 - Section or Team/Club Changes: Any change requested onsite will be reviewed. If found to be appropriate, change will be made. A fee of $15 is assessed. For no fee to be assessed, Thursday March 8 at midnight is the deadline for stating your club. If there is a change onsite, please be prepared to prove your club affiliation.

Note 7 - Rating Supplement Used: The February 2018 supplement is the official supplement used for ratings.

Note 8 - Refund/Withdrawal Policies: Any refunds requested before Round 1 begins will be processed at a $15 processing fee. Any refunds requested once Round 1 begins and student has begun competition are not granted. Withdrawals from the tournament are acceptable. We kindly ask you please provide a written notice to an official tournament director or by contacting Chess Control and notifying an official staff member.

Note 9 - Byes: 1, half point bye available with exception of last round. Irrevocable once requested.

Note 10 - Club/Teams Definition: 14.1.1 Teams will represent chess clubs and consist of youth meeting the age requirements, as defined in section 12.3, who are members of the club represented and residents of the United States. 14.1.2 Club members must attend at least six regularly scheduled club meetings over a period of at least three months immediately preceding the tournament and must be verified by the club president or designated club official. Club members cannot count more than two attendances for any seven consecutive days for purposes of this regulation. 14.1.3 A club team must contain a minimum of three players to be eligible for team prizes. 14.1.4 There is no maximum number of players who may compete on a club team, but only the top three scores in any one section will count toward the team score. 14.1.5 School teams will be considered as club teams representing that school. Players need not attend the same school; however, they must meet the requirements of sections 14.1.1 and 14.1.2.

Side Events

1. USCF Rated Blitz Tournament
7pm-10pm on Friday March 9, 2018.
Sections: 12 & under & 20 & under.
Trophies to top 5 in each section.
$20 by 3/4/18, $25 on 3/5/18 or after.

2. Grades K/6 Non-Rated Tournaments (Capture the King)
Saturday March 10
No USCF membership required. 5-DSS
For players who have never played in a chess tournament before but know how to play and know the rules of castling, check, and checkmate.
Trophies: Top 5 Individual + Top Club/Team.
EF: $30 by 3/4/18, $40 on 3/5/18 or after.

3. Tactics Problem Tournament
8:30pm-10pm Saturday March 10, 2018.
$25 by 3/4/18, $30 on 3/5/18 or after.
Sections: Open & Under 1200.
Trophies: Top 4 in each section.

4. Under 1000 USCF Rated Tournament
Sunday March 11
Open to Grades K-12, USCF membership required.
5 Rounds, G/30; d5. 9am-10:15am-12:15pm-1:30pm-2:45pm
Trophies: Top 5 Individual, 1st & 2nd U600 + Top Club/Team.
EF: $35 by 3/4/18, $45 on 3/5/18 or after.

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